Press Release for The Air They Capture Is Different

19 Jul 2013


This exhibition presents the work of two sculptors both dealing with notions of absent space and architectural volume – Karl Burke and Maud Cotter.

The Air They Capture Is Different appears across the Tall and Upper Gallery theMAC Belfast.


Both Cotter and Burke have an innate capacity to create liner forms, resulting in a system of drawing in three dimensions. This approach respects the inner geometry present in their work – something that is incisive, formally economical and witty.

Karl Burke’s work is primarily concerned with perceptions of space and time and takes the form of installations, photographs, video and sound works. In an on-going body of work “wooden drawings” Burke places uniform lengths of processed wood in various situations in a particular environment, specifically in relation to different aspects of that space or place.

Maud Cotter’s work is an exploration of human presence and its indivisible relationship with the material world. To unlock the possibilities within this fundamental relationship is part of the challenge of the work. Within this, understanding physicality and the nature of energy is a central concern.

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