Press Release for April 22nd – From the Last Travelogue of A. Sitzfleisch

5 Sep 2013

April 22nd is the sixth of an ongoing series of monumental drawings, started four years ago, depicting in word and image, the visualized diary entries of a fictional ‘Grand Tourist’ and flâneur, Albert Sitzfleisch. 

Rather than a candid portrait of contemporary Europe, the drawings present a collage of observation, social commentary and concoction, following some of the strategies employed by literary fiction.

Executed in marker pens and acrylic paint on floor vinyl, the series re-imagines the idea of the ‘Grand Tour’, replacing the traditional itinerary with a hybridized topography of Europe, drawing on the ideological remnants of both recent histories and the everyday.

The exhibition can be seen in the Foyer Space of the Royal Hibernian Academy Ely Place, for opening hours please refer to the website