Press Release for Becoming / Unbecoming

1 Feb 2014

Anita Groener is showing recent work in the dual solo exhibition (with Simon Benson) Becoming / Unbecoming in PARK in Tilburg, The Netherlands from February 1 – March 16, 2014.  The exhibition is opened by Diana Wind, director Stedelijk Museum Schiedam, The Netherlands

Focal points are two installation-like works, Anita's Fibonacci circle made up of paper silhouettes pinned to the wall, and Simon's cloud of drawings from the ‘Verwandlung’ series. The title of the exhibition sets the context of the work that is brought together in a dialogue: both artists live in another country, Simon as Englishman in the Netherlands and Anita as Dutch woman in Ireland. For these two transnational artists, the trajectory of migration posits a ‘before’ and an ‘after’ chapter. Temporality, or, our experience of time, can be divided into segments; the past, present and future. As we grow older our past grows larger and with it our memories, determining, conditioning and influencing our present. The persistence of memory on the present begs the question; what is it that we lose as time goes by? If we think of time as floating, as movable, as duration, we can appreciate it as a force that undoes as well as that makes. ‘Insofar as duration entails an open future, it involves the fracturing and opening up of the past and the present to what is virtual in them, to what in them differs from the actual, to what in them can bring forth the new. This unbecoming is the very engine of becoming, making the past and present not given but fundamentally ever altering, virtual.’ (1) Each artist has set the task of remembering in their work, exploring questions around notions of identity, of home and culture, of the everyday phenomena that make real that what is virtual. Drawing, for both of them, is an uninterrupted activity that enables them to think about and record these questions.




Open Friday-Sunday 1 - 5pm

Wilhelminapark 53

5041 ED Tilburg NL – +31 (0)6 1941 2596